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A Day To Remember - A Shot In The Dark

Album Name:Old Record
Submitted by:_Morkolik_
Corrected by:s.eser
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Lets take them back to the days
When we were family
My breath was your breath when we were young
I think it's funny how the times have changed
Throw being jealous in the mix
And now all i know of you is a name
Couldn't have came at a better time
This ends right now

We gave all of Ourselves
To entertain you
Were only hurting us (Ourselves)
I'm a god amongst the ants and your girlfriends
And you act like you don't even know
It's cause you haven't been here for too long
I called this right from the start
I turn my back for one second now all i hear is a shot in the dark
Use my name like you know me
You're all the same

Keep running your mouth

Mark my words were taking over the world
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