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Alunah - Scourge And The Kiss

Album Name:Awakening The Forest
Submitted by:luffy
Corrected by:luffy
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Climb up the hill and let my beating heart be still
Touch the wood of the Oak tree and feel it's spirit enter me
With the guidance of the moon, I make my way into the room
Of the lonely cottage there, I join the circle and prepare

Berry Wood is still as I make my way downhill
The silence disappears as the incantation rears
I feel the scourge upon me now in the shade of the Oak tree
In this witching hour yeah, the New Forest it feels our power

The scourge and the kiss
I look at my Priestess
Her black velvet cloak
Falls to the ground
The ritual is cast around

Listen to the secrets of the English autumn rain
As it soaks into the ground and it wakes me from my dream
May I know the mysteries of my endless time on Earth
As I travel through the sphere, yes it's beautiful in here
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