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Alunah - The Mask Of Herne

Album Name:Awakening The Forest
Submitted by:luffy
Corrected by:luffy
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Leader of the wild hunt, favorite of the King
Keeper of the ancient park and all it's living things
Then one day a tragedy brought him to his knees
But alchemy was passing by, and saved him in the breeze

Keeper of the ancient Park, keeper of the ancient park

A carved stone like animal bone was found where the hunter lay
A man's face with antlered grace did succumb to decay
His frightful horn and wooden bow was not enough for him
He found solace in age old Oak, hanging from his deep red cloak

Hanging from his deep red cloak

The twisted wood of the winter tree
The triple moon shines down on me
Reflections cast tells of tales past
Oh that winter tree
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