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Alunah - The Reckoning Of Time

Album Name:Solennial
Submitted by:luffy
Corrected by:luffy
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Walking in the dusty room, specks of time hang in the air.
Shining bright as the light ascends, my thoughts are shifting.
My consciousness aligns, with the thoughts held in this room.
Held captive for all these years, the stillness soothes me.

Fingers slide along the ledge, dust gathers in my discovery.
The time-worn text will soon be found, my thoughts are fluid.
And there it is just waiting, to be found by me who yearns.
For power on this equinox, the stillness blinds me.

Seeds of new life, born on the winter wind.
I feel a change, come over me.
Day and night, are in perfect symmetry,
I'm lost in the reckoning of time.
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