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Astral Doors - Jerusalem

Album Name:Of The Son And The Father
Submitted by:luffy
Corrected by:luffy
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City of David, kingdom of Israel
King Solomon built the holy temple on mount Muriah
Alexander the Great of Macedonia
Then the emperor of Rome
Crusaders, Arabians

Broke down the people
Their will to survive
It's a part of the real world
What's here to live has to die

A holy city you are
Like a light in the far
Home of the holy men
You are the key of mankind
The rock must roll again
Nothing has changed, this war will go on and on
Victims of wrath in memory forevermore
There by the dome of the rock and the western wall
Father forgive what they've done
Foundations about to fall

What can be sacred?
Is there an end?
This is an ocean of stories
They're just a part of the plan

What is right, what is wrong?
I just don't know
We should learn how to play
'cause no one is here to stay

Light to the people
They will survive
It's a part of the real world
And the hatred must die
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