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Backtrack - Organized Crimes

Album Name:Lost In Life
Submitted by:luffy
Corrected by:luffy
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Aiming to ruin my name
You took a shot and you missed
But all the marks have been made
So now I hide my face
A target's placed on my back that won't ever fade away.
I find it hard to believe "The damage will be repaired"
Showing my face will be safe.
And what I used to believe
Sticking with silence
Prevents the chance of demise.
These crimes are organized When you're running with thieves you can end up with the rats,
I've seen the others fall
To the same hands I can still see the blood
Taking away the chance,
To clear my name from this mess.
You're passing on the blame
But it can lead to my grave
You're slitting any throat just to make sure you breathe.
Now an easy way out,
Won't be the cause of death.
It won't be organized.
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