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Blood Feast - R.i.p.

Submitted by:luffy
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With the destruction of the land
Death will be close at hand
A mishap long, long ago
Who taught us to fight, no one knows
Terrorism a thing of the past
The power in the wrong hands kills at last
Survivors are few and scattered
Their remains are torn and tattered

Get your guns, get your weapons
We're going out, for the killing
Don't get in our way we'll stomp you
If you live we take no prisoners

Sick... Disgust... Eternal... Rest
They come from all sides
Better make sure you put out your best
Sick... Disgust... Eternal... Rest

The ultimate sacrifice has come to us
Worse than exploding a school bus The time to regroup and strengthen
To the earth's end will make us legends
Kill all mutated and birth defected children
Leaving no sight for anyone to catch them
The endless winter is cold and harsh
Remembering when you thought it was aforce

Sick... Disgust... Eternal... Rest

The world as we know never regains
It all changes in time, not quite the same
The marauders reap, havoc in time
But they run around the world more or less
In all the confusion no one knows & blind
The evil one plans for everything to blow
One last bomb was left for some strange
It goes off now there will be & reason
No more seasons

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