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Blood Feast - Suicidal Mission

Submitted by:luffy
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There you hung
Oh so sad
What went wrong?
Who took your life,
Your last breath?
He has won!
Play with fire,
You'll get burnt
No mercy given
You're being used
Each day you die
No use livin
[1st Chorus:]
You took your life
Convicted by all
You were the one
Satan's son

Won't cry no tears
Cause you're gone
It's all the same
You're here today
Gone tomorrow Same old story
You lost your life
You must pay
Endless sum
You stupid fool
Your day has come
The chosen one

[2nd Chorus:]
Rituals begun
Each one, his son
Spiritual life has come
Demons work is done

You, yeah you die
No tears fall for you
You, yeah you die
A victim of his curse
He waits in the pits
Now your death is worse

[Repeat 1st verse and chorus]
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