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Blood Feast - The Darkside

Submitted by:luffy
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A nice old lady sits on her chair
She looks so peaceful with her streaked white hair
Her family is gone, her husband has died
All this loneliness brings out her darkside
She's the crotchety old bag that everyone knew
When you played as a kid she'd yell names at you
If you went by her house she would call the cops
You hated her so much, you hoped she would drop

Oh -- it's in your brain
Oh -- you feel the pain

Now that you're older a bit more mature
You understand now that no one is so pure
A little bit of evil inside any of us
In some it's noticeable and actually a must
Others you must search deep within their souls
But with a little bit of prodding you bring out that troll
It overflows goodside and corrupts you and me

Trials and tribulations, we all go through them
Sometimes they end up in death
The good and evil fighting for the top
When will we ever be free
Torment -- torture
The ongoing force to be seen
Penance -- for whom
The only way to know is who wins

There is one other darkside that everyone can notice
It's ever present and very hard to stop it
The threat of destruction by one man's hand
The instant annihilation of all man
Yes, you guessed it, it's the big boom
If it ever goes off the world will be our tomb
So we live our lives day by day
Hoping that the reaper will never ask us to pay
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