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Blood Feast - Venomous Death

Submitted by:luffy
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Out in the wild in a forest so deep
Walk unsuspecting, not knowing all that creeps
It slithers and snakes through all the high grass
But you're not careful, he bites your ass
He lies in wait for victims to walk by
To strike in hatred and then you will die
You fall to the ground to lay and wait
To fulfill the pleasure of all who hate

Seeking shelter from the blaring sun
The dessert, hot and balmy
You're becoming well done
You find shade at one lone tree
But to your misfortune it's not as you see
For on the limb all curled up tight
Is the killer scaled one ready to bite
You hear a hissing up above your head But you're too late, and now you are dead

You have fallen upon venomous death
Weary traveler you should've never left
With the bite from the serpent's fang
Your soul shall never rest

Trudging through swamps on a cold rainy morn
Exiled to this place out of hateful scorn
You slip and you fall in mud up to your nose
The slime overcomes you, you struggle for your hose
The thick of the moment you notice it moves
As it turns to look straight in the eyes
The snake coils around you like vines to a pole
Crushes like vice you sink in the hole
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