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Buried Inside - Racking The Skulls Of American Golgotha

Submitted by:luffy
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Believing is seeing.
The fact will construct themselves: unitary, innate, and linearly rankable.
Believing is seeing.
The facts will perpetuate themselves, under a bankrupt banner of science and dogma: a self-fulfilling prophecy of biological determinism.
The essence of every picture is the frame.
Sewn up at the seams.
Nailed down dreams.
In objectivity we trust.
Serving numbers like gods, as apostles to IQ.
But the paths to destruction are often indirect;
Unlike the last train to Auschwitz or the angle of broca's meter stick.
History has spoken: science is not neutral.
Strangle the last reification with the guts of the last quantification.
Plato was wrong.
Unbelieving is unseeing.
Debunk or die.
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