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Buried Inside - Social Skingraft

Submitted by:luffy
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Promises made, promises kept.
A common sense revolution, a broad-axe to environmental protection and preservation.
Privatize the parks, now privatize the prisons.
The relegated become the negated, deregulated and expandable.
Commercial development is exponential.
Funding earmarked for D.U.I. prevention, redirected to propagandize mis-education, and bolster a campaign of character assassination.
And giving answers before asking questions, like is selfishness inherent?
And is this the essence of community?
Slashing, clawing, repealing with a blindness to consequence.
Anything to cut the costs of the already privileged.
But kids will still slit their own throats, and others are incapable of self-sufficiency.
By removing a program you do not remove the need for that program.
You can't sustain prosperity without sustained opportunity.
Transferable deficit, saturated by human husks.
This isn't about a profound ideology, this is about true 'common sense revolution'.
I learned to share when I was five.
This reflection haunts and leads to the fact, that equality can only be achieved whereby those who stand to lose, are actually prepared to lose, in order to gain.
Simple numbers, unreal damage.
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