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Continent - Wake Up

Album Name:Global Extinction
Submitted by:chelsea485
Corrected by:chelsea485
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Wake up. My life is just beginning.
My thoughts are opening to something bigger. Bigger than me, bigger than you. Bigger than this world.
This is a way to stay true.

I've been broken, I've been shattered, I've been out of my mind.
This is the time my eyes are open. Rise up from your knees.
Tell them. Tell them you've got something to say.
Tell them their fear, lies, and power are nothing.

Wake Up.

What has this world come to?

I used to see bright skies, not this fucking piece of shit.
A world so cold and desolate.
A fucking place where no one gives a shit a sight for sore eyes, when I used to see bright skies.
Why can't you just wake up? Look at this you fucking pussy.

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