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Coroner - R.i.p.

Album Name:R.I.P.
Submitted by:chelsea485
Corrected by:chelsea485
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Now I lay here.
Surrounded by darkness.
And I really don't know,
Is this reality? Or is it just a dream"

Smell of death - morbid smell. What else can it be?
No ** anymore, my lips are blue. Nothing ** ** **
Walls are moving, deep inside. I don't care about death.
The sun's far away. No hope any more. No chance, I can't get out.

Everything I needed before, is unimportant now. I don't need no prayers now, just give back the light.
I won't cry - not anymore. Nobody can give me help.
Rotten flowers between my hands, remembrance of my life.

Tears are rolling it's time to say goodbye.
Death brings a smile and R.I.P.

Forgotten time, forgotten sense, my mind is paralyzed.
Rats and worms, left as friends. They're eating me away.
Spider webs on my hands, all wrapped up in chains.
I am sure I'll see again. Your days are numbered too.
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