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Daryl Hall - Wait For Me

Album Name:X-Static
Submitted by:PatavatsızKlavye
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Midnight hour almost over
Time is running out for the magic pair
I know you gave the best that you have
But one more chance
Couldn't be all that hard to bear.

Wait for me please
Wait for me
Alright, I guess
that's more than I should ask
Wait for me please
Wait for me
Although I know the light is fading fast.

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You could go either way
Is it easier to stay
I wonder what you'll do
When your chance rolls around
But you gotta know how much I want to keep you
When I'm away I'm afraid it will all fall down.
Love is what it does and ours is doing nothing
But all the time we spent
It must be good for something
Please forgive all the disturbance I'm creating
But you got a lot to learn if you think that I'm not waiting for you.
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