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Dead End Finland - Born Hollow

Submitted by:luffy
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Feel how the fear grows
By every step you take
Sense how it gets close
With all the moves you make

See how it turns cold
For every soul you loose
Foresee your destiny unfold
Through the path you choose

Enemies all around
Ready to take you down
Just one easy prey
But the vultures stay away

Fighting to survive
Trying to stay alive
Ready for the pain
Never be the same
Cold inhumanity
Avoid emotion
In this forsaken wasteland
Watch the insanity
Inside the chaos
Rise from the ruins within your mind
With everything burnt down inside

Hear all demons crying
Calling out your name
One moment before you die
Your pride will turn to shame

Burn the bridges behind you
So no one can follow
Just burn all the memories
Reveal the soul so hollow
Burn, let the flames grow higher
Destroy this land of sorrow
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