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Dead End Finland - Deathbed

Submitted by:luffy
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The walls are closing in
The path is clear
But the destination is still unknown
Only darkness
Eternal damnation or
Endless fall into blissful oblivion
The end

Surrounded only by emptiness
The memories still fading
Voices of innocence
Leading me to brightness

All infinity
This sacrifice is worth it
Through divinity
Eternal afterlife

Light my sky Unleash this restless soul
Hear my cry
Let it reign without control

One tragedy still waiting

Devoured whole by this loneliness
One tragedy still waiting
Encounter no defence
Lost the means to fight this

All infinity
This agony will feed it
Through divinity
In to the brightening light

The path into the light is clear
Last words on my lips for no one to hear them
No one to remember
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