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Dead End Finland - Dreamlike Silence

Submitted by:luffy
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This endless street leads me nowhere
Destination still unknown
There is no turning back from there
Just waiting where I'm heading to

Take this – Take away this ruined life
Just hold it in your arms – Hold it like a child
Hold it in your cold embrace

Drown in misery
Lost in reality

Waiting for the dreamlike silence
All memories turned to stone
Just waiting for the dreamlike silence
Caged in the filthy truth

Trying to look truth in the eyes And images appear once more
It's like a devil's touch
Horror in the name of the unholy cross

You can be proud of yourself
My destiny in your hands – Hold it like a child
Hold it in your cold embrace

Chained to eternity
Killed with insanity

The countdown has begun
See our future crashing down
Counting the minutes – Counting the days...
Together we shall fall
Prepared for the final call
We are the last ones – We are lost...
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