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Dead End Finland - Screaming Back To Hell

Submitted by:luffy
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Demons driven by greed for power
With lies we're ready to strike and devour
Never learn that in return
We fall, we burn, we suffer together

Screaming back to hell
Into the scorching flames
That's where we're going to
No matter what you try to do
Screaming back to hell
Right through the burning frames
That's where we do belong
No matter what you're longing for
Creatures possessed by hatred for life
In time we'll see the results and the size
In the end we are condemned
We fall, we burn, we suffer together

Every day is like a blank page
A miserable life in a filthy cage
Repeating questions ask me why
Life is a bitch and then you die
All this frustration
I am the one can to solve this strife
My desperation
Vengeange and justice both will be done
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