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Dead End Finland - The Devil Inside Me

Submitted by:luffy
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Flame of a life is burning down so low
My every breath and vain are cold as snow
You cannot take my life and just fade away
I take it back and force you to pay

Keep turning away
Don't ever look back

This cruel life is darker than the night
Your sun is dead shadows lost their light
Endless nightmare can't let you wake
Few more minutes and your soul will break

I'm walking my way down
How deep could this go
Look in to my eyes what can you see It's the devil inside me

Deep down inside of me there is something about to break free
I'm a false messiah - I've come to cause you pain
Some day you will learn not to trust me or you're going to burn
I'm a false messiah - Embrace me once again

On this dead end road make your last call
It's not just me, together we shall fall
I take your hand and I hold my breath
The last lethal kiss - Rest in death

You've distorted our minds
With your tainted thoughts
Look in to my eyes what can you see
It's the devil inside me
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