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Fall Behind - L.i.e.

Album Name:Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Submitted by:chelsea485
Corrected by:Caesar
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I saw you in your fancy car in your fancy clothes ONE BIG LIE.
From the twenty first floor you can see nothing at all.

I saw you the other day I couldn't help GOING OTHER WAY.
I don't want to be dead in the age of twenty-eight.
They gave you a choice you didn't care it's was false.
You could be anyone, anyone they want you to be.

And you eat this cheese you mouse in a trap
and you swallow their pills but you think it's not so bad.
You said you could still be yourself from 10 p.m.
till the time you go to bed.

Today... Today is the day your career collapsed...

You have nothing to hold on to.
Now what you gonna do? WHAT?

Sold your soul to the corporation.
No surprise mind the education.
Is this the only thing we have achieved in 15 years?
Now we are free to let the market make us slaves?
And people were fighting just to let us digging our graves?
Do we really have to be another United States?

I'm sick of this lie. L.I.E.
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