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Forbidden - R.ı.p.

Album Name:Twisted into Form
Submitted by:Che Guevara
Corrected by:wholkom
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We've always been told to stand up tall
"Guard the nation"
This killing force that we have made, what for?
I am sickened by this attitude that plagues
The Mother Earth
It always seems that we're all fighting
We don't know what it's worth

Close the door as they beg for more
Children cry as they're left to die
See the tears running down their faces See compassion is at end
Mother Earth is crying
Rest in peace... Peace!

Who can you believe? It's never what it seems
Feel the anger
They're tightening the vice, now who pays the price?
We will!
I am saddened by this selfishness and, "Who cares"
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