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Iced Earth - Burning Times

Album Name:Something Wicked This Way Comes
Corrected by:wholkom
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Yesterday is gone forever
No turning back the clock
In the end, all is sinful
No need to bear the pain
The end, is coming soon
You can't hold out forever
Repent your sins to me
Before you pass this world

In this time i am law
I know you've been betrayed
From man's word, i'm given life
Through loss, i only gain
For you, i feel no sympathy
No sorrow, no remorse
Confess your sins to me They'll be taken by force

It doesn't matter what you've done
In my words you are a sinner
For every word you say to me
In every way, you are a sinner

Question me not
I am the one that binds this world
You follow without sight
I grow stronger every day
Take the souls i have damned
Burn them in my name
These are the burning times
The years of pain
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