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Iced Earth - Iron Will

Album Name:Dystopia
Submitted by:Caesar
Corrected by:Caesar
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Alone… Oh I know your lost and trying to find your way
You have been betrayed… led astray
Anger… Stirs inside and is tearing you apart
Beating from this cold and broken heart

You are stoned
You will stand and fight this emptiness and pain
Cast away your suffering, seize the day
Fire… Extinguish the flames that haunt your mind
Take control of your life

You are strong, in your soul Overcome the trials and tribulations
Live your life, take control
You have broken through the threshold

[Guitar solo]

You have won, oh the battle deep within your soul is done
Troubles washed away, a brand new day
Focused… you have overcome challenges of life
You are the life you will survive

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