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Joey Mcintyre - California

Album Name:8:09
Corrected by:felucia
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Trying to hook me up on the earpiece too
Yeah you keeping the 1st two wires or not*

I got a gig in California
Gonna make it big in California
Big lights, big dreams
It's all here for you

Everyone's a star in California
It's all about your car in California
Big rims, slim jims
Creeping up on ya
That's the way of life in California
Won't you come my way
There's a place to stay in California
Now it's a funky dive, but when the guests arrive
You'll have the time of you life in California

It don't rain in California *southern*
There is always something for the pain in California
Cheap tricks, sweet chicks
Creeping up on ya
And now don't you say I didn't warn you
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