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John Kay - California

Album Name:Live at 25: Silver Anniversary
Corrected by:wholkom
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Words and music by John Kay

When I returned here back from the Islands
You know I couldn't say enough 'bout old Kauai
But now I'm out here on the road
Calling friends back home
But I just get the phone machine and this reply

Ain't nobody home in California
All your friends have gone to Molokai
Ain't nobody home in California
Everybody's off to see Hawaii
May your journey seem forever
May the Islands touch your heart
And if you leave it all the way you found it
May the peace that you'll find never part

I wish I'd be there, back in the Islands
You know, I'd ride along the beach at Hana Bay
But I'm stuck in Waco, Texas
At the Paradise Motel
And now there's no one waiting for me in L.A.
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