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Linkin Park - X-ecutioner Style

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From the top... (6x)
Shut up... (8x)
I'm about to...

Wasn't that fun, lets try something else?

45 caliber killer without of the filla
Elevated show your brothas how your not a gorilla
Smooth talkin fully automatic weapon constiller
Taste thrilla, great filler
Hit him with the bounce stiller
Filthy stinking standing on the side grounded
Still be sinking submerging in the parks
Still be linking plucked beats when it starts Hope your thinking its not a miragei'm living up off tracks from out of the garage
Well if you could duck but its hard to dodge
In the back of that spine where my darkness lies
Flippin straight up ripping apart your squad
X-ecutioner's style cuts and blends
Like a syringe banging you in each of your limbs
See me coming through your party hard
Without no body guard
Smoking something, stomping on each of your toes
I'm the b to the l to the a to the c king
(Uh huh...)
And when it comes to planning the thought, keeping thinking this

Shut up... (8x)
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