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Marcy Playground - Radio

Album Name:MP3
Submitted by:iNsaNyiYeNsEreFsiZCinLi
Corrected by:felucia
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Shaking like a dog shitting razor blades
waking up next to nothing
after dreaming of you and me
I'm waking up all alone,
waking up so relieved

While youre taking your time with apologies
I'm making my plans for revenge
red eyes on orange horizons
If Columbus was wrong I just fell off the edge
I just fell off the edge

Taking your own life with boredom
I'm taking my own life with wine
it helps you to rule out the sorrow
it helps me to empty my mind

Making the most of a bad time
I'm smoking my brains from my head
Leaving the coal collar, the kettle black
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