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M.o.p. - Pain

Submitted by:taxedomask
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I've been goin through so much pain
Can't no motherfucker feel my pain
My life is real nigga, I'm gon' ride
For my homies on the block that died
It's dedicated to my niggaz that's locked
Who's OT on the run from the cops
We straight G's and we never gon' stop
For my street niggaz gotta keep your head up
Gotta keep your head uuuuuuuuuup

[Verse One]
Where the fuck is your love, y'all in the club poppin bub
Somebody told me that the block need a hug Ain't nobody tell y'all that slap need a hug
That's the reason I'm out here huggin the block
Same reason I'm out here thuggin the block
But niggaz won't notice until a motherfucker get shot
And stretched out on the block, and the shit won't hit 'em
'til they like "God damn, I was just now with him"
Now you missin a man that you used to call your man
Cause you didn't notice your man was fucked up in a jam
And your plan that you had for your man, you shoulda brought it to him sooner
Now he fucked up with his back all chewed up
21 gun salute up, to all the G's feelin pain
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