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Rihanna - Hypnotized

Album Name:3 CD Collector's Set
Corrected by:s.eser
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Something bout the way that you workin me,
teasin me, pleasing me, easily boy, I'm addicted to you
Got a have ya for all the things that u do
It something bout this feeling, it's crazy,
amazing that stays with me all night and day,
Makes my temperature rise
Boy your love has got me so hypnotized

I'm feeling something that I can't understand
It's like i'm captured by the touch of your hand
Its so vibe it's your style it the way the that u smile
Get a little rush when I hear your name
It's all magnetic with your hand next to me
Holdin' me close happens so naturally
We connect, its electric, this felling inside
Didn't know that even if I tried ??

You got me spinning like a merry go round
Feels like I'm flyin' but I ain't off the ground
Fallin' fast i'm a afraid can't escape there's no way
Never had a feeling like this b4


It's amazing how u drive me crazy
Boy keep doin' what you're doinCause you're really gettin through to me
Day and night babe u know I can't fight it
Just one look into my eyes and u know u got me hypnotized...

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