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Sacred Rite - R.ı.p.

Album Name:Rites of Passage
Submitted by:sedatkoyun
Corrected by:jokerhsyn
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In the space of time before me
Lies the passage of the dead
I met a man, he tried to warn me
'Close your eyes', is all he said
Following the man, I see the torture
A thousand victims lie in pain
Now I hear the voice of judgement
'Throw them all into the flame!

Who are you to murder the faithless?
Who are you to damn them all to Hell? Do you know where they go when they leave you?
You'll pay the price for the souls that you sell

Are you the tyrant who cast them to the sea?
One day you'll be among the dead
And when they bury you beneath your enemy
Oh! Rest in peace

In the dark, they hide and tremble
Crying eyes that shake with fear
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