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Sami Yusuf - Ya Rasulallah

Album Name:My Ummah
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Ya sadiqal aqwal ya Muhammad
Ya tahiral akhlaq ya Muhammad
Ya hadiyal akwan ya Muhammad
Ya taja ruslillah ya Muhammad
Ya khayra khalqillah, ya rasulallah
O truthful one in sayings O Muhammad
O pure one in character O Muhammad
O guide of all the worlds O Muhammad
O crown of God's messengers O Muhammad
O best of creation O Messenger of God

Ya nabiyyallah, safiyyallah ya Muhammad
Ya waliyyallah, hafiyyallah ya Muhammad
Ya bashirallah, nadhirallah ya Muhammad
Ya habiballah, shafi'allah ya Muhammad
Ya khayra khalqillah, ya rasulallah

Ya badrat tamam
Nuradh dhalam
'Aliyal maqam
Sayyidul kiram
Monqidhal anam
'Alayhis salatu wassalam (repeat)
O full moon
Light of the darkness
In possession of a high rank
Master of the noble & generous
Saviour of humanity
May peace & blessings be upon you (repeat)

Ya nabiyyallah, safiyyallah, waliyyallah, Muhammad
Ya habiballah, khalilallah, nadhirallah, Muhammad
Ya khitamal anbiya'i ya rasulallah
Ya imamal atqiya'i ya rasulallah
Ya dawa'a kulli da'i ya rasulallah
O seal of the Prophets, O Messenger of Allah
O leader of the God-fearing, O Messenger of Allah
O cure for every disease, O Messenger of Allah

Ya rabbal Mustafa
Bi jahil Mustafa
O Lord of al-Mustafa
For the sake of al-Mustafa

Ighfiridh dhunub, usturil 'uyub,
ihdil qulub, likay tatub
Dha'ifi thawab, yamminil kitab,
ab'idil 'athab, yawmal hisab
Forgive all sins, conceal all faults, guide the hearts,
so that they repent;
Multiply our reward, make our books in our right hands;
make us far from the Fire,
On the Day of Judgement

Ya rasuli, ya habibi, ya nabiyallah
Ya shafi'i, ya bashiri, ya safiyyallah
Ya rasulallah

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