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Sandy Denny - Pain

Album Name:Don't Stop Singing
Submitted by:gogocu_akman
Corrected by:felucia
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Pleasure and pain is like profit and gain
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose
Be kind to yourself when you're tired of yourself
Don't go mixing the reds along with the blues
The coach that I ride has a horseman who's tired
The reins to his hands they are tied
The one to alight, if he's lucky, he might
Learn to slow down and drift with the tide

It's ever so low when there's nowhere to go
And your spirit lies close to the ground
Take a long look behind, I'm sure you'll find
A friend there who'll help pull you round


You have to agree, it's not easy to see
A sheep underneath all that fleece
If you'll take my advice, stick with people you like
It's a big world, you're only one piece

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