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Scandal'us - I

Album Name:Me Myself & I
Submitted by:gogocu_akman
Corrected by:feyzagvenli
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You're so sexy, talking smooth
Have no idea that you're gonna lose (No)
The game you're playing with my mind, not kind!
I said, why do you treat me like that (No)
Come tomorrow baby. Stay all night.
I wanna see it all, so don't turn out the lights.
Boy you're in for a big surprise, ain't gonna be nice.

I'm gonna blow everything you know about
Me Myself and I
I'm gonna break really gonna shake you world
Turn it upside down.
I'm gonna make sure that you're on the floor
When the cops all come around.
No you won't survive....Me Myself and I
I'm not crazy; I'm just fine.
You might think I'm way out of line.
Talking to myself and in my sleep.
Baby you've hurt me deeper than deep.
I can't tell you, no I can't say
I just know, I don't wanna be treated this way.
Baby you were doin just fine, then you started playing with
My mind.

[Chorus - repeat]

What I'm about to do, is still in my mind.
Will I have the courage, will I find.
The strength to carry on, to respect my needs.
Not to take you back, everytime you say 'forgive me'.
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