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Shakira - As Long As I Have You

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Let all the news channels go bankrupt
I hate television so much anyway
Let smiles become old fashion
And let sunsets be no more
Let all doctrines and duties disappear
Let action movies be over and done
Let worldly pleasures be wiped out
And let one last song be written today

But as long as I have you and your embrace
And the kiss you invent each new each day
As long as your melancholy remains here with me
Forever after the sunset, Because I do depend on you
As long as I have you
I have life
Let all the neighbors disappear
And let them eat the leftovers of my innocence
Let friends go away one by one
And let them gnaw at my piece of conscience
Let words be in people's lips
Let the planet's waters be polluted
Or let philosophers and intellectuals give up
And let the last poet die today

Nakarat Tekrar
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