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Vanessa Anne Hudgens - Come Back To Me

Album Name:Girl Next
Submitted by:iNsaNyiYeNsEreFsiZCinLi
Corrected by:felucia
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you all need to get ready to hear
the unbiliveable
baby V

(baby come back to me)

everyday i try to play another game
but my heart cant take it.
I try to find boy,
but all the while, i cant face it.
why do i miss you so much? i want to stop the hurt inside
oh baby please give us one more try.

(baby come back)

i see you out with your friends
Laughin' it up as you pretend
to have a good time(good time)
i know cause im living the same life(same life)
so one of us has got to say
we cant keep living the same way.
so ill be the one
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