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Verve Pipe - La La

Album Name:The Verve Pipe
Submitted by:sweettears
Corrected by:nodame
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With everyone around us singing la la we slid out of their view

Then you thought you heard me singing la la but I don't have the strength to

And from the moment that i give out we begin to live out

Scenes from all romantic prose while tethered to the roles

Or what was meant disguised as sentiment could hang

Misunderstood and left unanswered

Your eyes tell me i have what i wanted haunted as i hold you

Nervous slacking with the lacking heartache no heartbreak when i told you

And though i never did surrender could you please remember
If and when we meet again we once were more than friends

Embarrassed me but would you share a scene and kiss me

One last time before i leave you

And though i won't surrender i want you to remember

If and when we meet again we'll still be more than friends

Grant me this it could seem frivolous, but kiss me

One last time before i leave you

You've got all my loving in a tangle that i could never undo

And you will never hear me singing la la

I guess la la means i love you
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