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Witchfinder General - No Stayer

Album Name:Death Penalty
Submitted by:Caesar
Corrected by:Caesar
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I want a woman 'cos it's a Saturday night
I wanna make her feel alright
I'm going to lay her, do you know what I mean
I really wanna make her scream

No stayer on a Saturday night
No stayer 'cos I'm feeling alright tonight

Back at her place
She was in the mood
She sucked and licked my food
When it was running all over her face She rolled over and then we screwed

No stayer. . .

Next morning do you know what she said
She said "Will you be my guy?"
I just got dressed and I walked away
I said "Now girl, I don't stay"

No stayer on a Saturday night
Never have been, never will be
No stayer 'cos it's Saturday night tonight
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